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An 8 Hour long, all encompassing class for today's Firefighter, EMT, and Paramedic, dealing with combative subjects. The first half of the class is a 4 hour hands on combination of Defensive Tactics and Subject Control. Covering the spectrum of hand to hand combat scenarios to prepare medics for real life conflicts and how to quickly and effectively subdue, detain, and treat a non-cooperative or aggressive patient. The second half of the class is a State of Ohio OC Spray Certification that will allow medics to carry OC Spray on duty. Students will learn the facts of OC Spray, Decontamination processes; as well as the legal expectations and statues of OC Spray in the Line of Duty; practice deploying OC Spray in force on force training excercises, before finally being exposed to live agent. 

This is an 8 Hour Certification - $120

Medic Tactical Defense Training

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Medic Tactical Defense Training

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