Elite Security Consultants

and Training Group

1. Insurance and Liability

‚Äč        In the event that ESC should have to become physically involved with a suspect, whether it be in the commission of arrest, or preventing them from harming one of your employees or clients, you and your business are NOT liable for our actions! UNLIKE hiring your local police department to send you off duty police officers, or other security companies that will not attach your business as an additional insured on their policy, ESC will assume total liability for the actions of it's Officers while operating on your site.

2. Physical Appearance

        ESC Officers are required to pass a physical fitness exam every year in order to maintain their employment. This ensures that our Officers are always physically capable of stopping a threat, and always represent a measure of force that will deter criminal actions. The stereotypical 90 year old security guard, or the Paul Blart Mall Cop who is 200 pounds over-weight does not represent a deterrence that will effectively prevent harm from befalling your business or it's employees and clients.  Our Military Veteran Staff of combat tested and proven Officers will ensure the level of safety you should desire as an employer.

3. Equipment and Abilities

        ALL ESC Officers are certified and licensed by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, the State governing body that oversee's all matters regarding Police Officers in Ohio, to carry firearms while on duty. A CCW Permit does not fulfill the legal requirement as set by the State of Ohio for someone to carry a firearm while working as a security officer. However, this is something that other local security companies will misrepresent to their clients as being acceptable. Should an improperly licensed security guard use their firearm while protecting your site, YOU will assume all liability. Why let your security company ruin YOUR business that you have worked so hard for? Additionally, ESC Officers have Electronic Control Devices (Tasers), OC Spray (Pepper Spray), ASP batons (Night Sticks), and Body Armor. 

4. Training

        Security Companies across Ohio are renown for a "hire and forget" process. This means they hire a guard based on whatever criteria they have, and then put them on a job site, hoping never again to have any real dealings with that guard. We at ESC hire only individuals with the highest levels of training, such as combat vets, police and fire academy graduates who show exemplary aptitude. ESC Officers have mandatory training that they must complete prior to working on a post, and every other week they must attend training seminars designed on furthering their skills as Public Safety Officers. 

Why Choose ESC to Protect You?